Data-Driven Platform

Using just a laptop camera we quantify a users range of motion to the tenth of a degree for the most accurate diagnosis possible.

Assessments within Seconds

Our analysis pipeline is optimized to get users the data they need within seconds, allowing appointments to be focused on treatment and progress.

Transparent Care

With custom dashboards for patient and physiotherapist, we ensure all users are informed and engaged during the recovery journey.

An accurate diagnosis is the first step to recovery.

Through Stabl’s platform, physiotherapists are able to get the most information about a patient and create an effective treatment plan that integrates seamlessly into their lives.

Stabl Alternative Online Platform
Range of Motion Analysis
Lifestyle & Physical Assessments
Quantifiable Progress Improvements
Clinical & Virtual Capabilities
Customizable Treatment Plans
Frequently Asked Questions

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Release of the camera function: Since Stabl works via the camera function of the laptop, it is necessary that you release access to the camera for the training session. Without this approval, the platform’s assessments cannot be performed. All videos are secured and only accessible by the patient and their physiotherapist.

Approval for the recording: In order to continuously improve Stabl’s platform, you will be asked prior to the start of your movement exercises, whether or not you agree to being recorded.

No, Stabl’s platform is entirely web-based and can be accessed by any laptop or browser. For optimal performance we recommend using: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox.

A lack of perceived progress is one of the leading reasons why patients don’t adhere to their treatment program. Along with being an accurate tool to assess and diagnose a patient, Stabl show’s patients their improved mobility between each of their appointments to keep them engaged with their recovery.

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